About Kathleen

I approach art as a spiritual practice that transmits the beauty I encounter.

In the moment the creative flow connects me with my right place where I seek to touch the soul at the deepest level. Nature is an enduring source of inspiration, and its essence is palpable in all my work.

I am interested in what lies beneath the surface appearance of things. Observing a sunflower I ask; what is the sacred geometry of its design, what does it convey, what mystery gives it life?

What I see and then bring into form are creations that reveal the subtle dimensions of reality.

I translate nature’s qualities of beauty, transparency, layering, mutability, communication and life force into art. I express the complexity of the world, the simplicity of life, its fragility and strength.

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"I'll just approach that blank paper"

"Geometry really inspires me"

"I intend for it to be a language"

Automatic writing

"I like to have beauty around me"

Ideal life of an artist